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Middle/ High/ College

Student Success

Through creating plans of action to tackle important tasks, we will assist students in identifying problem areas or issues they are facing, educational or personal. We help students identify strengths / weaknesses, time management, eliminate procrastination, overcome challenges/stress and use them to their advantage!

Middle School Students 13-14 with Parent Consent 

High School Student Success 15-18 with Parent Consent

College Students 18+ with Student ID

Laura Ascione is the Editorial Director at eSchool Media. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland's prestigious Philip Merrill College of Journalism. 


She wrote in eCampus News Today’s Innovations in Education.

According to New research from Hobsons and Hanover Research 


1. The pandemic is negatively impacting college academic success. Students report decreased focus, engagement, and impact on their overall learning experience. Seventy-one percent say they struggle to stay focused on school work and 52 percent say they struggle to complete coursework. What’s more, 40 percent struggle to even attend class.


2. Students’ wellbeing is suffering. Two-thirds of all surveyed students say COVID-19 has somewhat negatively or very negatively impacted their mental health. Students are facing new stressors and mental health challenges, and one-third of students have trouble paying for food, housing, and school.


3. Students are more concerned about their future than before COVID-19. They are more concerned about their future academic and career success. Nineteen percent of surveyed students said they were “seriously considering” not attending college next semester, and 78 percent of those students cited COVID-19 as the primary driver. Two-thirds of students are worried about finding a job after they graduate, and 49 percent are more worried about their job prospects than before COVID.

4. Students aren’t getting the support they need. Students aren’t taking advantage of resources from their institutions, but they’re most likely to turn to faculty and advisors for help. Almost all surveyed students know how to access academic resources, but a markedly smaller number know how to access mental health and career services.


Support Plan
1 month

This is a 30 day coaching program that covers the basic foundational skills that deal with organization, time management, self-control, motivation, and responsibilities in the home and at school.


Above & Beyond
3 month

This is a 90 day coaching program with Intensive support that goes beyond the basic foundational skills that deals with academic problems, parent-teen conflict, poor decision making, lack of confidence, body image issues and responsibilities in the home and at school.

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