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I will Cause Change - The meaning of Ashnah

Maximize Productivity with Coach K!
There is never a better time than now!

Achieve more with a Coach and Consultant

Maximize Productivity with Coach King!
There is never a better time than now!

Your Coach, Your Consultant

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or may be experiencing self-sabotage and need clarity about what needs to get done next, Coach King can help you get more done in a few days then the average person gets done in a month. Coach King will help clients recognize their potential, ensure that they are focused on achieving the RIGHT results, setting the RIGHT measurable goals to work towards, and the accountability to make sure YOU get it done. 


Coaching sessions with me will help you increase your productivity, give you support and guidance to increase your MOTIVATION, CONFIDENCE, and FOCUS so that you will know exactly how to invest your TIME, in order to work towards results you DESIRE. Coach King has overcome some of the same challenges and can relate to her clients. 

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Interested in booking Coach King for an Empowerment Party or Speaking Engagement ?

Let' Talk Life Facebook Group


Achieve more with a Coach

A safe space to see what Ashnah Coaching and Consulting Services LLC is all about, catching real topics as it relates to life and accountability, connecting with other like-minded individuals, and just being empowered!

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