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Desiree King was born and raised in Goldsboro, North Carolina. She is a wife, and a mother of 4 awesome children who have all inspired her to live to her full potential. She is grateful for all life lessons, and the way God has ordered her steps. Desiree is a change-agent, leader, and a servant to the people. 

Desiree King holds a BS in Psychology from Fayetteville State University. She also holds two Masters of Science Degrees in Human Services (specialization in Social and Community Services), and Psychology with a few ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) courses. She obtained her Life Coaching Certification from Life Coach Training Institute in January of 2020. Her background as a Former Educator, Developmental and Mental Health worker, Case Manager for Special Education, and Care Coordinator for I/DD has afforded her the opportunity to work with & serve persons from all walks of life. Desiree took all that she had learned and increased her knowledge by seizing every opportunity to achieve high levels of success in her personal, spiritual & professional life. 

(The National Society of Leadership and Success Certification)

(The International Honor Society of Psychology)

Desiree has always had a passion for helping others from a very young age, and it has shown through her personal & career choices. After a session with Desiree aka “Coach K” you will know that coaching is not simply Desiree’s profession, it is her life’s purpose; being able to EMPOWER, UPLIFT, and SUPPORT others is one of her greatest accomplishments. 

Desiree King aka Coach “K” is a Certified Life Coach, Aspiring Author, Innovator, and Motivational Speaker. She is the CEO/Founder of Ashnah Transformational Coaching Services LLC. Her Coaching is geared towards Accountability Coaching. Desiree’s goal is to challenge, stretch, and push individuals into self-discovery, and evoke client-generated solutions and strategies. Desiree is here to transform lives by helping others prioritize and achieve their goals one step at a time.


"Be Accountable to you first and set boundaries for others to honor it."

Who is Coach K?

My Mission

My ultimate goal is  to empower, equip, uplift and help you to evolve into who God has called you to be in your life. On this journey I am committed to making sure that you and your  life is impacted by the services provided by Ashnah Transformational Coaching Services LLC.  

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